VIVEKANANDA COLLEGE of Arts, Science and Commerce (Autonomous) Puttur

Re - accredited at 'A' Grade by the NAAC with 3.30 CGPA

Recognised as the College with Potential for Excellence (CPE) by the UGC

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Sl. No. Name of the Endowment Purpose for which interest is to be used
1 Late Sri Molahalli Shiva Rao Memorial Educational Foundation Scholarships
2 Late K.P. Armugham Endowment Scholarships
3 Kudgi Anasuya Venkatesh Shenoy Charitable Trust Endowment Prizes
4 Prof. M.S. Appa Endowment Prizes out of 40% of the interest
5 Smt. Thalthanooji Saraswathi Amma Endowment Free Mid-day Meals
6 Sathyashodhana Trust Endowment Prizes-Vivekananda Jayanthi Competitions
7 Late Sri B. Prabhakara Rao Memorial Endowment Scholarships
8 Late Baindoor Ramamohan Rao Memorial Endowment Scholarships
9 Prof. V.B. Moleyar Endowment Prizes
10 A. Venkatramana Bhat Endowment Scholarships
11 Angri Subbanna Bhat Memorial Endowment Prizes
12 Late Sri M. Vishnu Sharma Memorial Endowment Scholarships
13 Late Sri A.K. Dharmappa Memorial Endowment Prizes
14 Late Smt. Radha Gopal Pai Memorial Endowment Scholarships and Free Mid-day Meals
15 Vedamoorthi Mithoor Gopalakrishna Upadhyaya Sanmana Samithi Endowment Scholaships & Prizes
16 Janardana Mahakali Temple Endowment Spiritual Programmes
17 Late Sri Raghurama Bhat Memorial Endowment Spiritual Programmes
18 Sri M.M. Ganapathi Endowment Scholarships
19 Late Sri Rathnakara Shetty Memorial Endowment Sports Scholarships
20 Late D. Ishwara Bhat and Late D. Gowramma Memorial Endowment Prizes
21 Sri Ramakrishna Endowment Free Mid-day meals
22 Late Sri P. Rama Bai Memorial Endowment Scholarships
23 Sri Pudkaje Devappa Rai Endowment Free Mid-day Meals
24 Smt. Pudkaje Parameshwari Devappa Rai Endowment Free Mid-day Meals
25 Late Sri B. Ramappayya & Smt. Susheela Devi Memorial Endowment Scholarships and Prizes
26 Sri P.R. Bantwal Endowment Free Mid-day Meals
27 Late Sri Belthangady Madhava Rao Endowment Scholarships
28 Sri P.S. Madyastha Endowment Prizes
29 Prof. Talthage Vasantha Kumar Endowment Prizes
30 Late Sri M. Vishnu Sharma Endowment Free Mid-day Meals
31 Late Sri M. Udaya Kumar Endowment Free Mid-day Meals
32 Late Sri M. Udaya Kumar Memorial Endowment Scholarships
33 Late Sri Madaiah Memorial Endowment Prizes
34 Prof. G.K. Shenoy & Smt. Nirmala Shenoy G. Endowment Prizes
35 Late Smt. Bonanthaya Parameshwari Amma Memorial Endowment Prizes
36 Smt. Deepika Bhandary Endowment Prizes
37 Neralakatte Nagappa Nayak and Smt. Sanjeevi Bai Endowment Free Mid-day Meals
38 Final B.Com. Students (1999-2000) Endowment Free Mid-day Meals
39 Sri A. Amritha Endowment Prizes
40 Late Sri A.K. Dharmappa Memorial Endowment Scholarships
41 Sri Savoor Ananda Rao Memorial Endowment Scholarships
42 Late Smt.lndira Memorial Endowment Scholarships
43 Late Sri Devanna Kini Memorial Endowment Free Mid-day Meals
44 Late Smt. Sulochana Alias Laxmi Devi Memorial Endowment Free Mid-day Meals
45 Late Sri N. T. Bhat Memorial Endowment Prizes
46 Sri B. Achutha Bhat Endowment Scholarships
47 Endowment Instituted by III B.Sc. Students (2000-2001 ) Prizes
48 Sri U. Shivashankara Endowment Free Mid-day Meals
49 Sri U. Radhakrishna Endowment Free Mid-day Meals
50 Smt. Susheela Shantharama Rao Padubidri Endowment Scholarships
51 1993-94 Batch BBM Final Year Students Endowment Prizes
52 Endowment Instituted by III B.A. Students (2000-2001) Prizes
53 Sri Gurupura Devanna Kini Memorial Endowment Prizes
54 Smt. Gurupura Laxmi Devanna Kini Endowment Prizes
55 Late Sri Kalammayya Memorial Endowment Prizes
56 Sri G.P.N. Murthy Endowment Free Mid-day Meals
57 Sangeetha Vidwan Kanchana Venkata Subrahmanyam Memorial Endowment Prizes
58 Late Sri Muliya Krishna Bhat Memorial Endowment Prizes
59 Late Sri Sediyapu Narayana Bhat Memorial Endowment Prizes
60 Late Sri B. Lingappa Poojary Memorial Endowment Prizes
61 Sri Kargallu Subbanna Bhat Endowment Prizes
62 Late Miss Premalatha P.U. and Umashankarai N. Memorial Endowment Prizes
63 Dr. C. S. Ramachandra Endowment Free Mid-day Meals
64 Prof. Vathsala Rajni Endowment Scholarships
65 Late Sri Mukambika Thimmappa Bhat Konal Memorial Endowment instituted by Prof. G.T. Bhat Scholarships
66 Prof. M.N. Chettiar Endowment Scholarship to N.C.C. Cadet
67 Sri S.R. Dayananda Alva Endowment Free Mid-day Meals
68 Sri K. Vasudeva Rao Endowment Free Mid-day Meals
69 Prof. Jayaleela Rao Endowment Free Mid-day Meals
70 Smt. Gowri Madhava Nayak Endowment Free Mid-day Meals
71 Smt. Lalitha Sooryanarayana Hegde Endowment Free Mid-day Meals
72 Smt. N.K. Sulochana Chettiar Endowment Free Mid-day Meals
73 Dr. K.P.L. Moodithaya Endowment Prizes
74 Cicily Kutty Philip Endowment Prizes and Free Mid-day Meals
75 Final B.Sc. Students 2005-06 Batch Endowment Prizes
76 Sri Varanasi Krishna Bhat Endowment Scholarship Prizes
77 Justice G.K. Govinda Bhat Endowment Scholarship Prizes
78 Smt. Late Yashoda – C.M. Shastry Memorial Endowment Free Mid-day Meals and Prizes
79 Alphonso Rego Endowment Prizes
80 N. Thirumaleshwara Bhat Endowment Prizes
81 Late Badekkila Seetharama Bhat and Lakshmi Amma memorial Endowment instituted by Susheela Bhat and Dr. B.Shridhar Bhat Scholarship & Free Mid-day Meals
82 Dr. B. Shridhar Bhat Endowment Free Mid-day Meals
83 Dr. K. V. Thirumalesh (Secundarabad) Endowment Free Mid-day Meals
84 Umamaheshwara Devaru Endowmentent Fund Instituted by Sri Padar Narayana Bhat Scholarship to three Students perusing their Post Graduate M.Sc education in basic science subjects.
85 Late Sri Srinivas Bhat Memorial Endowment Fund Instituted by Prof R Vedavyas Free Mid-day Meals
86 Dr. K. V. Thirumalesh Endowment Free Mid-day Meals
87 Smt. N. H. Savithri Endowment Free Mid-day Meals
88 Late Sri N. H. Ishwara Bhat and Sarswathi Memorial Endowment Fund Instituted by Smt. N. H. Savithri Free Mid-day Meals
89 Late Dr. K. Krishna Bhat Urimajalu Memorial Endowment Instituted bv K. Drawpadi Urimaialu and Sons Free Mid-day Meals
90 Late Sri. Pulu Govinda Bhat Memorial Endowment Endowment Fund Instituted by P.G. Bharathi Free Mid-day Meals
91 Siddemoole Shahkaranarayana Bhat Instituted by Siddemoole Shankaranarayana Bhat Shankara Sahitya Parishat Prashasti
92 Sri Muliya Shyama Bhat Endowment Instituted by Sri Muliya Shyama Bhat Free Mid-day Meals
93 Smt. Vatsala Venkatesh Shenoy Endowment Free Mid-day Meals
94 Late Sri U. Ramamohan Rao Memorial Endowment Instituted By Nayana Photographic Club Prize Best Photographer
95 Late Sri Ravindra S.P. Memorial Endowment Prizes
96 Late Sri Padil Shankara Bhat Memorial Endowment Prizes
97 Dr. B. Krishna Prasad Best student in Maths in Final year
98 Smt. Reshma R. Shetty Poor & Deserving Student of IB.Sc. Class