The Department of Mathematics of Vivekananda College was started in the year 1965. In the beginning, Mathematics was a minor subject in the B.Sc Degree. Mathematics as a major subject in the B.Sc Degree programme was introduced in the year 1968. Prof. S.N Madhyastha, Prof. M.Vathsala Rajni and  Sri Shankaranarayana Bhat K  serve the institution until their Retirement. In due course number of lectures joined this department and served their best. Due to policy of the Government they left   the department. At present, Mrs. Sowmya. B& Jyothi. V are serving  in the Department.

Vision Concept:

Imparting of quality mathematics education and the spirit of research through innovative teaching and research methodologies.

Mission Concept:

To provide an environment where students can learn , become competent user of mathematics, and understand the use of mathematics in other disciplines.

Unique Feature:

Good relationship with students and staffs in the department. Developing good social relationships in students through extension activities.

Strength of the Department:

- Experienced faculty members.
- Good departmental library
- Well-equipped mathematics lab

Welcoming note to the aspirants:

Mathematics provides an effective way of building mental strength and encourages logical reasoning.The understanding of maths can also help students to better grasp the theories and contents of other subjects.
Many maths graduates go on to have high-earning and successful careers in computing, accounting, engineering, science,banking and business.
Mathematics is a stem subject ,which employers consider to be highly desirable subject areas when looking for employees.



Ms. Sowmya ( HOD )

Ms. Jyothi V

(6 Year Experience)

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