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Department of PSYCHOLOGY

The department’s vision is to foster interest in Psychology and create a foundation for higher studies in psychology. The Department offers Psychology as an optional subject in BSc and BA Programs. Psychology is not just an academic subject that exists only in classrooms, research labs and mental health institutions. It is a scientific field that aims at understanding human nature and behavior. Knowledge of Psychology helps understand one’s own strengths and weaknesses by giving practical experiences. It gives awareness about social and psychological problems faced in general and prepares the student to face everyday challenges by exposing him/her to coping strategies. Moreover, makes the student realize that an aim is attainable. It is a powerful force that influences all our activities in every walk of our life.

The department of Psychology was established in the year 2023 in Vivekananda College of Arts, Science & Commerce (Autonomous), Puttur. 

Ms. Kavyashree. K was the first Staff of the department when it was started in 2023. 

The faculty of Psychology department take much care to pay individual attention to the students in their laboratory work, Conducting psychological test to School children’s, adults. All the effort is made to develop innovative approach towards learning of Psychology.

As a part of their academic enrichment, the department has organised visits for students to attend national & International seminars hosted by a different college. 

Psychology Syllabus:

The course syllabus is prepared by the Board of Studies (BOS) of Psychology of our College. It is prepared on the basis of state level syllabus formed by the expert committee.  It is intended to indicate the scope of the course. It is structured with basic information about psychology making the beneficiary to acquire and development the knowledge about psychology in terms of biological base of behaviour, sensation, attention, perception, memory, learning, decision making, emotions, motivation, intelligence, thinking, reasoning, personality along with experiments, child psychology, Development psychology, social psychology, Organizational psychology, Abnormal psychology and Heath psychology etc.


  1. To foster interest in psychology and create foundation for further studies in Psychology. 
  2. To impart knowledge of the basic concepts and various perspectives of psychology. 
  3. To create an awareness of factors influencing behaviour.
  4. To understand matters relating to stages of Human development.
  5.  To familiarize students with criteria of abnormal behaviour.
  6.  To give an over view of mental disorders and possible ways of handling them.
  7. To acquaint the students with nature of work behaviour, and to help the students in the use of this in understanding and increasing efficiency. 
  8. To attain skills of interaction with supervisory and managerial personnel in terms of training, counselling and problem-solving relationships. 
  9.  To highlight the steps and strategies to cope with stress.
  10.  To arouse intellectual curiosity and create an interest for research in psychology.


Highlights of the Department

  • Well established laboratory for psychological testing.
  • Counselling service for students

Outreach programmes and talks by faculties of the department on psychological issues.