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Dept of Physics

Physics is the fundamental subject which is foremost to all natural sciences. It has been significant to understand the structure of the universe and also for the development of new technology. Physics is inter-related with many other disciplines such as chemistry, engineering, medicine, biophysics, agriculture, astrophysics and astronomy etc.

The department of physics in Vivekananda college of Arts, Science & commerce (Autonomous) Puttur has been maintaining high standard in the teaching of physics since 1965, the year in which it was established.

Prof.D.Shivarama Bhat was  the first Head of the department when it was started in 1965. Mr.P.Radhakrishna Karanth and Dr.K P L Moodithaya were the members of the Department at the same time. The three eminent retired teachers have laid a good foundation to the Department.

The faculty of physics department take much care to pay individual attention to the students in their laboratory work, project work and solving problems. All the effort is made to develop innovative approach towards learning of physics.

The department has conducted guest lectures/ State Level seminars/ workshops for the benefits of students.

As an outreach Activity, the department has been conducting a special programme ‘Demonstration of Physics Experiments’ to nearby high school students since nearly 38 years. In this event, our B.Sc. Physics students are given an opportunity to demonstrate the experiments. Due to this, our B.Sc. students gain In-depth knowledge in various Physics topics, improving their fundamental knowledge in the subject.

Physics Syllabus:

The course syllabus is prepared by the Board of Studies (BOS) of Physics of our College. It is prepared on the basis of state level syllabus formed by the expert committee.  It is intended to indicate the scope of the course. It is structured with various concepts of physics like matter, motion, special relativity, energy, momentum, electric and magnetic fields, atomic and nuclear physics, modern physics, quantum mechanics, electronics, etc.



  1. To develop an excellent environment in order to provide teachings of high standard.
  2. To encourage good cooperation among the faculty members of the department.
  3. To train the students to give seminars, carry out projects works, research work.
  4. To impart excellent teaching so that the students acquire a clear understanding of the physical principles of the universe.
  5. To empower the students towards critical thinking and reasoning so as to lead a life full of moral values as per our national tradition.
  6. To help the students to plan their career in physics including research, teaching, industrial jobs so that they can contribute to ‘Make in India’, the need of our country.

High lights of the Department:

In order to accomplish the above goals,

  • The department comprises a well-equipped laboratory and a departmental library.
  • The students carry out many projects in the Physics lab under the efficient guidance of teachers.
  • The departmental library comprises more than a hundred books and is open to the students as well. The students can borrow books from the library whenever they want.
  • The department also offers many certificate courses to our students.
  • Science Bowl-It is the wall magazine of the Department. Students are encouraged to write articles on various Physics related topics.Such articles are displayed on the wall magazine.