VIVEKANANDA COLLEGE of Arts, Science and Commerce (Autonomous) Puttur

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Recognised as the College with Potential for Excellence (CPE) by the UGC

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Dr. H.G. Sreedhara


Dr. Sreedhara H.G. is a well-known in the literary circle of Karnataka, and he has already made aname for himself as a promising writer, critic and innovative teacher. He did his M.A. in Kannada with First Class and First Rank from Mysore University in 1986.

Dr. Sreedhara H.G. joined Vivekananda College, Puttur in 1987 and now he is an Associate Professor and Head in the department of Kannada. He is also serving as secretary of Shivarama Karantha Adhyayana Kendra, Vivekananda College, since 2000 and Puttur Karnataka Sangha. He has served on the B.O.E. and B.O.S. of Mangalore University and various autonomous colleges as a Member, besides participating in several conferences/Seminars/Workshops both as a delegate and as Resource Person.

Sreedhara H.G. was awarded Ph.D. for his research work on Praachina Kannada Sahithyadalli Yudda Kale (450-1350 A.D: Art of Warfare in Ancient Kannada Literature) in 1993 from Mysore UniversitySubsequently he became a Research Guide and presently recognized by Hampi University (Karnataka). He has successfully guided 1Ph.D. Scholarand 1 for M.Phil.


He has authored 18 books in Kannada and edited more than 12 text books for undergraduate courses. Among the books he has published, some are recognized as reference books for post graduate studies and for research. “Praachina Kannada Sahithyadalli Yudda Kale (450-1350 A.D)”, “Kadava Shambhusharma Complete works” (4 Vols.), “Nelada Baduku”, “Mariappa Bhatta: Jeevana Mattu Sadhane” etc. are his major works. His research articles have been published in the research journals like “Shodha”, “Sadhane”, “Karnataka Bharathi”, “Lochana” etc.


He has been conferred with the honour from Kadava Shambhu Sharma Prathistana, Puttur. Dr. Sreedhara H.G. has been working since 1987 with full dedication, enthusiasm and for the ultimate development of the college and students as a vibrant H.O.D. and an innovative teacher.