Vision Concept:

Imparting of quality Mathematics education and inculcating the spirit of research through innovative teachings and research methodologies and to provide an environment where students can learn, become competent users of Mathematics, and understand the use of Mathematics in other disciplines.

Mission Concept:

To emerge as a global center of learning, academic excellence, and innovative research as well as to groom our young students to become professionally and morally sound minds.

Unique Feature:

Our Department prepares students to investigate and gain a thorough understanding of the episteme – Mathematics. It is aimed to promote a culture where students’ talent is amplified with information, technical training, and mentoring by putting forth a conscientious effort to convey knowledge. Our students are encouraged to use their capabilities and go into the realm of mathematics by strengthening their critical thinking abilities and sensibility through rigorous evaluation patterns. Also students are acquainted with all open source Lab software like LATEX, GEOGEBRA, PYTHON.

Strength of the Department:

- Highly dedicated faculty members, challenging and laborious students.
- Well-equipped Mathematics lab.
- NET/GATE friendly syllabus.
- Ample scope for enhanced interactive teaching in view of the relatively small student teacher ratio.

Welcoming note to the aspirants:

Post-Graduation Department of Mathematics will give you the right skills and experience to turn your passion into a career. It provide opportunities to participate in research projects, summer research fellowship programs, seminars and there by helps students to develop their leadership and group work skill. Department organizes various activities such as Student Faculty Programme, Special guest lecture programme, skill development training programme, etc for the overall development.


Lecturers & Staff

Ms. Namratha K N

(3 Year Experience)

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Ms. Ashwini

M. Sc, B. Ed
(7 Year Experience)

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