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Principal’s Desk

There underlies  very great principle, a noble reason and an exemplary vision behind the founding of Vivekananda College of Arts, Science and Commerce by Vivekananda Vidyavardhaka Sangha way back in 1965 in Puttur. It is the very vision of inculcating the spirit of nationalism. At a certain period in history, when there seemed a possible hurdle in the practice of our traditions and belief systems, the initiative for establishing an educational institution that upholds the practice was taken up by a few scholars and thinkers of the region. At this juncture, I deem it my duty and my privilege to remember the efforts of such stalwarts as Sri K Rama Bhat and other great personalities of Puttur region.

It is a matter of great pride and honour that those students who seek admission in this college do not come only to study and receive their degree certificates, but also to learn, improvise and inculcate the spirit of tradition and nationalism that that this college strives to provide. In this regard, as the head of such an institution as this, I compliment and congratulate the student and parent community. In order to bring this into actuality, the college conducts various activities and programmes for the students every academic year. We aim to bring out good and exemplary citizens from our student community.

It is in this spirit that I request all my students to strive to work towards becoming better, both in studies and in character. Students need to put their efforts in the direction of fostering the nationalistic ideals within themselves to make it a part of their personality. Also, along with the above, the qualities of discipline, commitment, time management etc. have to be taken care of, with zeal and enthusiasm towards a better society.

We appeal to the parents to join hands with us in the development of the students, for the singular reason that parents are significant stakeholders of the college, with their knowledge of their children far surpassing ours. With the age of our students being in a delicate phase where punishment for improvement being too severe, bestowing freedom for self-learning being too risky, we need the experience and the expertise of the parents for being with us for the smooth functioning of the college, by keeping in constant touch with the college.

We are happy that Vivekananda College has its own history, heritage and value systems, and that there are students who come to the college singularly to be a part of this system. We have had several thousands of students who have studied here and made their mark in the society. Several of them have reached great heights in the state, national and international levels. The college, to this day, aims at such goals as providing such students to the society. We work for the betterment of the students, betterment of the teachers and the betterment of the society.

Jai Hind.

Prof.Vishnu Ganapathi Bhat
MSc, MPhil


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