Department of Botany

The Department of Botany was established in the year 1965,is located near the administrative block on the first floor. The Department was fortunate enough to have the presence of Prof. Seetharama Rai K, and Prof. A. Ramachandra Bhat in the formative years. The duo had the distinction of being experts in the fields of Taxonomy, Anatomy, Algae, Fungi, Pteridophytes, Gymnosperms, Angiosperms, Plant Physiology, Ecology and Conservation Biology etc.

Vision Concept:

To be distinguished as an eminent institution recognized for its excellence; in preparing the best human resources in the field of botany and allied branches.

Mission Concept:

To work tirelessly to instill in the student body the value of "learning through observation and doing."
To provide quality education we attempt to inspire students to pursue the study of plants and microbes.
To impart student-centered education through institutional visits, fieldwork, study tours, and projects.
To prepare our student folks to become eminent botanists who offer expertise about plants to people involved in agriculture, environmental protection, and conservation.

Unique Feature:

Beyond conventional courses, the department enriches students interests by best practices like ‘Plant of the Day’, wall magazine ‘Mrinalinee’, Fern House, Botanical Garden, well-equipped laboratory, museum, guest talks, Nature Club, etc

Strength of the Department:

Some of our students have completed SPiCE (Science Project in College Education) projects funded by VGST, Govt of Karnataka. The student and faculty members were involved in the biodiversity study of Kodachadri, a hill range in Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary. This project was funded by ISRO, Govt of India. The finding of this study has been published as a book entitled,” Biodiversity of Kodachadri Hill Range”, by Vivekananda Centre for Research Studies, VVS, Puttur (2013). Some of our proud alumni are working in premier research institutes, healthcare sectors, Food Science, and Yogic Science; some have become entrepreneurs and many of them are serving in the teaching field.

Welcoming note to the aspirants:

On behalf of our college we the faculty of the Department of Botany, welcome you to a very exciting field of basic science. If you have decided on Botany as a major subject, we believe you will find that your decision was a wise one indeed. If you are undecided and still contemplating entering the field, we hope that you will be informed about what the discipline of Botany is, feel free to get in touch with us to answer your questions and to help with your decision.



Dr. Sowmithra K

MSc, PhD
(5 Year Experience)

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