post graduate program


MA in Journalism and mass communication is an post graduation program that provides both theoretical and Practical knowledge of Media, the result of which, students are gaining professionalism in Video Editing, Anchoring, Reporting, Feature Writing Editing, Script writing, Documentary Preparation Etc.


Duration: MA JMC program often last for two years (four semester)


Any degree from recognized university with minimum 45% mark.


Course covers journalism ethics, media law, digital media, broadcast journalism, public relations and research methods, multimedia reporting and communication skill.

Scope and Career Opportunities:

After completing MA in Journalism and mass communication can pursue careers in various domains such as Print media, electronic media and advertisement, entertainment media, radio, film industry, public relation, teaching and even start their own ventures.

Higher Education:

Some of students opt for higher studies after completing MA JMC, such as pursuing PhD and some other related certificate courses like
Animation and photography.

Skills Developed:

During the course of MA JMC, students acquire skills in media production, interviewing skills, media management, media law and ethics, critical thinking, communication skill, research and analysis and cultural awareness.