Fine arts

The term “fine art” refers to an art form practiced mainly for its aesthetic value and its beauty rather than its functional value. starts with the moto of consolidating the roots of sanatan heritage, Vivekananda College of Arts Science and Commerce started in the year 1965, today stands tall as an Autonomous College of Mangalore University. Based on the principles of Swami Vivekananda, it has been educating many students for more than 60 years. If the cultural essence of our nation is to be presented we need fine arts domesticity and elevate our way of life. Realizing this our seniors have established a fine arts association in our college and have nurtured the arts by providing an opportunity for the talents of our students to unfold. It is our pride that many artists who are famous in the country and today have grown up through the platforms of our college. Artists like Sri. VidyaBhooshan,  Sri Narasimha Nayak, Sri Shashidhar Kote, Vidhushi Shreya Kolatthaya, Vidhushi Akhila Pajimannu, Vidhushi Nandini Vinayak are some of our pride Alumnus of our institution. Many of our present students are also involved in cultural programs and bringing prizes.