Rovers and rangers

Rovering and rangering is a part of ‘The Bharat Scouts and Guides, India’ a voluntary non-political educational scouting movement. The unit was started in the college in the early 1970s by Late M. Sooryanaryana Appa. The activities are primarily focused on the personal growth of the students by offering adventure programmes, mental and physical exercises.  Students receive physical, intellectual, social, and spiritual training for their overall development. The unit offers extra credit to students who enlist as rovers and rangers, making them eligible to take various rovering and rangering-related exams at the district, state, and national levels conducted by The Bharat Scouts and Guides. These exams also help students advance in their postgraduate studies and careers. The group is renowned for its intricate, vibrant band parties, where they have access to a wide variety of catchy tunes. Joining a Rovers and rangers unit in the college could be one of the most significant steps in a student’s life as it provides access to new exciting and life-skills activities through participation in national and international camps. The memorable experiences gained through doing scouting activity may help the student to develop leadership quality and organizational skills.


  • Nature trekking
  • Gazette preparations
  • Knotting and lashing classes
  • Life skill training like first aid, bandage, mapping
  • All faith prayers, Guide’s own
  • Community service programmes
  • Awareness pragrammes on social issues
  • Band party and processions
  • Pravesh, Nipun, Rajyapuraskar examinations

Fire service demonstration

Nature hiking programme

Water regatta programme

Knotting and lashing skill programme