Management Associations

Management Association is offered by the college and it is exclusively meant for students of Business Administration. The main objective of this association is to improve soft skills and hard skills which are required  to expose themself to the corporate world . Therefore management association  conducts different activities and programs for the students which help them to develop soft skills within them.

Activities –

Classroom activities  :

Self-introduction (how to introduce ourselves in corporate interview )
Personal interview (demo of personal interview will be held , it is like a corporate interview)
Group discussion ( Group discussion is one of the  round in the corporate interview )
Marketing activities like – selling of impossible ( This activity helps to improve the communication skill  )
Oneminute presentation ( This activity helps to avoid stage fear & helps to improve  presentation skills )
Case analysis ( To develop problem-solving skills)

Other activities:

Department of Business Administration and management association jointly organise different programs and activities:

Industrial visit
Outreach program
Food market expo ( food preparation and marketing activity)
Inter – class managerial skill enrichment activity (NIRVAHANA)
Product launch etc..