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Department of Kannada

Prof. H L Subramanya joined the Kannada Department as the first Professor of our College. With the arrival of Sri Amritha Someshwara on the scene, the Kannada Department extended its activities into many areas and served the cause of language, literature and culture. And it is on the firm foundation laid by Prof. Amritha Someshwara and Dr. Talthaje Vasantha Kumar that the department now continues to function for the welfare of the student community and community at large. Dr. Prameela Dr. Padekallu Vishnu Bhat M Prof. A.K. Darmappa, Dr. H G Sreedhara, Dr. Indiramma, Prof. Mahesh Rai, Dr. Harinakshi M D, Dr. Dhanajaya Kumble have served in this Department. Now Dr. Manamohana M, Dr. Geetha Kumari T, Dr. Maitri Bhat, Dr. Chandana S, Mr. Madhukumar, Ms. Rekha P M is working in the Department.
One of the significant milestones in the march of the department was the introduction of Kannada literature as one of the Optional subjects in the B.A. course. That was the beginning, the students trained in literary and cultural studies started showing their mark wherever they went and whatever they did – sensitised as they were through their studentship here. Realizing the need to have an organized approach to all literary activities and to provide a forum to the students to bring out their talents a Kannada Sangha was founded. Kannada Department Organised two Programmes namely ‘Akshara’ wall magazine and Sahitya Mantapa. The Kannada Department conducts the selection process for the Niranjana Prashasti of Shivaramakaranta Adhyayana Kendra and the Shankara Sahitya Prashasti awarded by the Vivekananda Vidyavardhaka Sangha Puttur (R.) and conducted award program.



Dr. Manamohana M (HOD)

M.A., Ph.D
(18 Year Experience)

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Dr. Geetha Kumari T

M.A, Ph.D
(16 Year Experience)

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Dr. Maithri Bhat

M.Sc. (Psychology), M.A. (Kannada), Ph.D
(6 Year Experience)

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Ms. Rekha PM

MA, B. Ed
(7 Year Experience)

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Dr. Chandana KS

MA, Ph.D
(1 Year Experience)

Mr. Madhukumar

(1 Year Experience)