Grama vikasa

The Grama Vikas Yojana started with the vision of developing students of our institutions with the idea of social commitment. Kudipady Village has been selected for this program. Teaching staff, students, and villagers are involved in the welfare activities. The goal of Grama Vikasa Yojana is to facilitate sustainable development and empowerment of marginal rural communities with a focus on children, and people-centered natural resources management.

Programs related to education, health, social awareness, self-reliance, our culture, tradition, etc are conducted under this banner. Information sessions on Digital transactions, Environmental awareness programs, and awareness programs on health and hygiene, have been organized for the benefit of the villagers. Guest lectures, Computer literacy programs, spoken English classes, and workshops are organized to motivate the school students. Many welfare programs like Vruksharohana, Medical Camp, Swatch Bharath Abhiyana, Rain water harvesting, Tree planting, and Pond renovation are being conducted in the selected village.

Survey on Health and hygiene of women

Spoken English Classes for Kudipady School Kids

Inauguration of Spoken English class and Awareness on Digital Transaction

Service at Kudipady Janardhana Swamy Temple