Department of Sanskrit

Vivekananda College of Arts Science and Commerce Autonomous is the first college of Vivekananda Vidyavardhak Sangha. When the college was founded, the college initiated its Sanskrit department under the guidance of Sri Achyuta Bhat, and later many people worked on a temporary basis and currently Dr.  Shrisha Kumar MK is Head of  the Department and Dr. Uma Devi who was earlier Head of Sanskrit Department is continuing.

Vision Concept:

The Sanskrit department is always trying to take Sanskrit to the masses. The aim of the department is to save Sanskrit which is the pride of India

Mission Concept:

he mission of the Sanskrit Department is always to bring Sanskrit closer to the masses. The department is working with the idea of ​​inculcating the interest in studies among the students and keeping the heritage of Indian knowledge alive

Unique Feature:

The Department of Sanskrit has been continuously disseminating the Indian knowledge since the day the college started. Having a unique library system, the department is making an effort to acquaint the students with the classics of India like Vedas, Puranas, History, Ramayana, Mahabharata and modern poetry.

Strength of the Department:

Strength of the department Sanskrit department was the department with the highest number of students during its existence in Mangalore University. Presently the best study is that there are teachers who are PhD graduates in the Sanskrit department. It is worth noting that Sanskrit is the only department that has 100% PhD degree holders.

Welcoming note to the aspirants:

Welcoming notes to the aspirants Every student who has come as a student to the Sanskrit Department will be encouraged to study with the utmost love and affection. Students and teachers prepare study materials related to the subjects together to give students the ultimate experience. With this, Sanskrit broadcasting campaigns will get a new vision. So even students who don't learn Sanskrit.



Dr. Umadevi M

Ph D
(36 Year Experience)

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Ms. Sai Kripa K

M. A. B. Ed
(8 Year Experience)

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