Department of Computer Science

The Computer Science Department was established in 1993 in response to the growing demand for diverse career options in the field. In that same year, the department introduced Computer Science as an optional subject for B.Sc.  During the initial period Ms. VatsalaRajani was the Head of the Department.  From the Academic Year 2007-08,the department expanded its offerings to include a three-year degree program, Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA).

Vision Concept:

Our vision is to pioneer computer science education, driving innovation in technology, and achieving academic excellence.

Mission Concept:

Our mission is to provide contemporary and comprehensive computer science education. We adapt creativity, critical thinking, and ethical values for preparing students to tackle complex challenges in the dynamic world of technology.

Unique Feature:

Our Computer Laboratories can simultaneously accommodate 160 students and is well equipped with modern facilities. The department is dedicated towards nurturing students into proficient computer professionals, encouraging research, and empowering them to create, develop, and maintain software applications for real-world challenges.
Beyond conventional courses, the department enriches students' technical skills through various certificate programs, including PC Hardware & Networking, Photoshop & Video Editing, and Computer Basics. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the numerous students securing top ranks in university examinations and finding placements in prestigious companies.

Strength of the Department:

Currently, the Computer Science Department boasts a robust community with over 700 students, supported by a team of 11 faculty members, 3 lab assistants, and two dedicated supporting staff members.
The IT Club, an integral wing of Computer Science Department, serves as a dynamic platform for students to immerse themselves in the vibrant world of Information Technology. Established to enhance the extracurricular experiences of our students, the club actively organizes IT-related activities.
Department proudly hosts the Google Developer Students Club(GDSC), providing an exclusive platform for students to delve into innovative projects and cutting-edge technologies, fostering a dynamic learning environment. Explore unique opportunities and collaborations within this exceptional club.

Welcoming note to the aspirants:

Welcome, aspiring students! Join our Computer Science Department for exciting experience, Dive into a journey of learning, innovation, and excellence with us.



Mr. Prakash Kumar P (HOD)

M.Sc (23 Year Experience) HOD

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Mr. Gurukiran B

MCA (9 Year Experience) Website Co-Ordinator

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Ms. Suchitra

MCA (6 Year Experience)

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Ms. Supreetha K

MSC (1 Year Experience)

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Mr. Aravind Sharma

MCA (10 Year Experience)

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Ms. Hema Shubhashini

MCA (Assistant Professor)

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Ms. Sowjanya M

MCA (1 Year Experience)

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Ms. Sushmitha K

MCA (2.7 Year Experience)

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Ms. Priya

MCA ( 1 Year Experience)

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Ms. Nireeksha H

Lab Instructor

Ms. Pooja B

Lab Instructor

Ms. Neha B

Lab Instructor