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Department of Economics

The department of Economics was started in the year 1965, when the college was established.  Under the able leadership of Prof. B Janardhana Bhat, the department offered its services to the students of P.U.C., B.A. & B.Com and BBM streams. In the year 1966 , Prof. Ganesh Koodlu and in the year 1969 Prof. M. M. Ganapathi joined to this department. With the introduction of B.B.M. course Dr. P.K. BalaKrishna has joined the department in 1978. In the year 1988-89 Dr. Vigneshwara V. was appointed as Lecturer.  In 1993 an additional batch in the form of H.E.K. was introduced and there by   Mr. Vasudeva N. was appointed as a faculty member in the department. Later in the year 1997 Dr. Ravindra Kumar & in the year 1999     Dr. Arun Prakash  and in 2006 Dr. VishnuKumar also joined  to this department. Later Udaya Kumar, Ms. Monisha, Ms. Yashavanthi, Ms. Shwetha , Dr. Mallika, Mr. Sachin Jain have served in this department and left from service .  

At present the Department of Economics has been functioning with three faculty members,(Dr. Arun Prakash, Dr. Vishnukumar A,  &  , Govindaraja Sharma),  out of which two  members are Ph.D degree holders and one member is B. Ed degree holder in addition to their MA degree in Economics . At present the subject of Economics has been taught in BA, B.Com and BBA streams. As per NEP norms, in the BA course economics paper is taught with English major, Political Science, History and Sociology. Each semester includes two papers in Economics , i.e., Basic Economics –I,  Contemporary Indian Economy, Basic Economics –II, Karnataka Economy, Micro Economics, Mathematical Economics, Macro Economics, Statistical Economics, Human Resource Management, Public Economics, Development Economics, Environmental Economics, Indian Public Finance , International Economics  etc. Open electives are given for  B.Com and  BBA courses, where, Business Economics , Monetary economics, International economics papers are opted by the students. Apart from this, other open elective subjects are also available in Economics stream.  Guest lectures , webinars , seminars, class seminars , field visit programmes, etc. activities are practiced by the department to enhance the ability of a student in the subject of economics

Vision Concept:

Understand basic economic concepts & Identify problem areas in the economy, and possible solutions, using the analytical tools developed in the course.

Mission Concept:

To develop the knowledge of the student of economics, the dept uses the pedagogy concepts coupled with class room teaching, seminars, project works, industrial visits, guest lectures, group discussions etc.

Unique Feature:

100% of teachers are having the qualification in Research field and Education along with the Masters degree.

Strength of the Department:

Economics is still the backbone of Micro and Macro segments of the whole socio-economic system. In addition, economics is superb preparation for graduate work in areas such as business law, political science, international relations, gerontology, and public administration. Economics also is an excellent dual major or minor for many areas of study.

Welcoming note to the aspirants:

Sending you a warm welcome from the dept of Economics and we wish you that, may the economics dept would be part and parcel of your academic life.

Proud Alumni

All senior students of the dept, who are occupied in the field of Agriculture, Household sector, Professionalises, Industrialists, Business fields and other reputed segments of the society coupled with good character and cherished good values in the society.



Dr. Arun Prakash

MA (Economics) Ph.D
(25 Year Experience)

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Dr. Vishnu Kumar

MA (Economics) Ph.D

Mr. Govindaraj Sharma

MA (Economics)
(9 Year Experience)