Department of Journalism and Mass Communication

The history of the Journalism and Mass Communication Department often involves the contributions of esteemed faculty members who have played pivotal roles in shaping the field. These individuals bring a wealth of experience and expertise, contributing significantly to the department’s growth and reputation.

  1. Rakesh Kumar Kammaje
  2. Sushmitha J
  3. Radhika Kanathadka
  4. Prajna Barya
  5. Bharath Raj K
  6. Akshath
  7. Bhavishya K Shetty
  8. Seema Ponadka
  9. Bharath KUMAR KB
  10. Thara
  11. Bharath shetty

Vision Concept:

Our vision is to be the global leader in media education, inspiring the next generation of communicators. We envision a dynamic learning community that fosters innovation, adaptability, and a commitment to truth. Through diverse and inclusive education, we aim to shape graduates who positively influence the ever-evolving media landscape with integrity and impactful storytelling across various platforms.

Mission Concept:

Our mission is to empower students to be successful in the media landscape. We provide a comprehensive education, foster critical thinking and ethical communication. Embracing technological advancements, we aim to create a diverse and inclusive community that prepares graduates to positively influence on society through impactful storytelling across various media platforms.

Unique Feature:

Our dynamic Journalism and Mass Communication Department, offers a multidisciplinary approach, hands-on Innovation Labs, and strong industry partnerships. We prioritize a global perspective, emphasizing ethics, social responsibility, and media entrepreneurship. Our Department engages in community initiatives, benefit from guest lectures by industry experts, and receive cross-platform training for the ever-evolving media landscape. Join us in fostering diversity, inclusion, and a passion for impactful storytelling.

Strength of the Department:

- Well qualified teaching staff with high motivation.
- Well planned and defined syllabus of P. G. Course with a combination of theoretical and practical papers (courses) relevant to the needs of academics and media sector.
- Dept. offers Two Open Elective and One Foundation Course to the students of other Depts. as per Choice Based Credit System program.
- Holistic personality development of students with multiple activities and programs on regular basis.
- Active interaction between the faculty members (Mentors) and students (Mentees) to cater the academic, personal and career guidance.

Welcoming note to the aspirants:

Step into a community where your passion for storytelling thrives! The Journalism and Mass Communication Department eagerly awaits your creative spirit. Here, you'll find an environment that values innovation, diversity, and ethical communication. Our dedicated team is committed to honing your skills and empowering your unique voice. Join us in shaping the future of media and making a meaningful impact. Your journey in media starts here—welcome to a world of endless possibilities!




(2.7 Year Experience)

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Mr. Akshay Rai

( 3 Year Experience)

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